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Building a Better Relationship with Technology for Children

Our 10th episode of the Parenting Talk Series is with Arcadia Kim, who is the founder of Infinite Screen Time. With this pandemic, screen time is a major issue for most parents. As we rely on technology to help us on our daily parenting journey while at the same time fear the damage this screen […]

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Children’s Nutrition – Help Our Children Build a Good Relationship with Food

Our 9th episode of Parenting Talk Series is on Children’s Nutrition and how parents can help children start a good relationship with food. As we all know, having a good diet is the goal for a healthy long life. And that diet starts before a child turns one years old. So how does a parent […]

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Breastfeeding 101 and the Tips You Need to Know

On our 7th episode of “Parenting Talk Series”, we brought in expert Breastfeeding Counsellor Nicola Chong from Le Leche League Hong Kong (LLL) to talk to us about the all-important topic of breastfeeding! We discussed about what happens during those first couple of days postpartum, what are key things to do to have a successful […]

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Music is the Foundation of Learning

As parents, we all know that music is important for children such as being told to listen to music when the baby is in the womb to using music to put them to sleep. However, a lot of parents do not really know the benefits of how music is the foundation of future learning for children.

So, we brought in Crisel Consunji, trained early childhood educator and founder of Baumhaus, Hong Kong’s #1 Kindermusik program for many years running, to explain to us how children learn using music with specific examples and tips on what parents can do at home to create an enriching learning environment through music for their kids.

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A Pandemic’s Effect on a Child’s Growth and Development

Our fourth episode of “Parenting Talk Series” is one that every parent should watch, whether you’re in HK or anywhere else in the world. Our topic this time is about how this pandemic has affected our children’s growth and development. We brought in Yvonne Becher, Chief Executive and the Director of Learning at the Child Development Centre (Hong Kong) (CDC) to give us her expertise in helping us understand what’s happening to our children during this time and some tips on what we as parents can do to help.

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Baby Wearing – The Best and Safest Way to Use a Baby Carrier

Little Monkey is here to provide information to help make parenting easier. This is so parents can make informed decision – whether that decision is on where to take their kids to play on the weekend by using our child-friendly directory to our new project – “Parenting Talk Series” – 30 minutes recorded interview with […]

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Connecting with Your Child to Encourage “Acceptable Behaviour” during Good and Challenging Time

On our first episode of our “Parenting Talk Series,” we interviewed Odette Umali from Gordon Parenting and Deepa Gupta from Supportive Parenting by RAE for tips and advice on connecting with your child to encourage better behaviours.  Below is a recap of what we spoke about to help busy parents.

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