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What's to Play at Home

Play At Home

Hong Kong has started its fifth wave more than a month ago and parents have been in survival mode all around. Home schooling is one issue but the biggest issue is kids being stuck at home. Playgrounds are closed and the government is urging parents to stay home with their kids. Some parents are signing up for zoom classes for their kids in hopes to occupy their time while the parents themselves are working from home.

We have been invited to do a Facebook Live session with HKMomtrepreneur on Friday March 4th at 10 PM HKT to talk about the challenges parents are facing and share some tips and tricks to help them during this time. Below are some concepts to guide parents and to make it even easier we have created a list of things for parent-child play or for the kids to play by themselves. It’s a no frill and by all means, not a complete list but we hope this is a good start to give parents some ideas.

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FACEBOOK LIVE: #StrongerTogether 直播:一起學習如何輕鬆抗疫 — 小朋友「玩乜嘢好」

Click 入Facebook 活動 並選擇出席可以於今個星期五請來分享嘉賓 Little Monkey HK @littlemonkeyhongkong 的Chhin Lee,一齊傾吓小朋友最鍾意問嘅問題「玩乜嘢好」!

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Building a Better Relationship with Technology for Children

Our 10th episode of the Parenting Talk Series is with Arcadia Kim, who is the founder of Infinite Screen Time. With this pandemic, screen time is a major issue for most parents. As we rely on technology to help us on our daily parenting journey while at the same time fear the damage this screen […]

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How Should Parents Be Involved in Their Children’s Homework?


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Children’s Nutrition – Help Our Children Build a Good Relationship with Food

Our 9th episode of Parenting Talk Series is on Children’s Nutrition and how parents can help children start a good relationship with food. As we all know, having a good diet is the goal for a healthy long life. And that diet starts before a child turns one years old. So how does a parent […]

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Fostering Independent Play in Kids

我的兒子是一個獨生子,家中沒有其他孩子,因此經常都自己一個人玩。有時我們都會擔心兒子經常自己一個玩,會否對社交發展有影響。但原來獨自玩樂(independent play)對孩子的各方面發展有很多好處。這篇文章會跟大家探討一下獨自玩樂的好處,以及家長需注意的事情。

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Women’s Health – What Women Needs to Know During and Post Pregnancy

Our 8th episode of Parenting Talk Series is on Women’s Health and what women need to know during and post pregnancy. Pregnancy is a huge change for a women’s body and not only do we need time to recover from the trauma of childbirth but we also need proper knowledge of what happens to our […]

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Being a Conscious Parent





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Breastfeeding 101 and the Tips You Need to Know

On our 7th episode of “Parenting Talk Series”, we brought in expert Breastfeeding Counsellor Nicola Chong from Le Leche League Hong Kong (LLL) to talk to us about the all-important topic of breastfeeding! We discussed about what happens during those first couple of days postpartum, what are key things to do to have a successful […]

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The Impact of the Pandemic on a Child’s Social Emotional Learning



這些種種因疫情關係的轉變,對兒童社會情感學習(Social Emotional Learning)有甚麼影響?

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