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Are the sounds of baby and toddler’s giggles music to your ears? Well, we had an equivalent of a 2 hour concert during our Little Monkey Easter Hunt Party this past April 6th at the newly built Baumhaus Annex next door to Baumhaus’ Wan Chai Flagship centre.

Meeting the Easter Bunny and Kindermusik Mini-session

With over 40+ dressed up kids, some as little Easter Bunnies themselves, ready to meet our Easter Bunny, excitement and laughter was definitely in the air. We started with a song and dance with the Easter Bunny himself and Farmer Jane before proceeding to our mini Kindermusik sessions with Baumhaus’ creative art teachers. The mini-sessions were split into two separate rooms with one session for kids under 2 years old and one session for 3 to 6 years old. Like all their Baumhaus’ Kindermusik classes, these two classes had such positive response from all the little ones and their parents alike.

Extravaganza Easter Ribbon Hunt

Afterward, we did the Easter Ribbon Hunt where kids were shrieking and running around amongst large origami bunnies and festive spring flowers trying to gather as much ribbons as they possibly can. Farmer Jane did a great job in enticing the little ones with surprise rainbow shower of ribbons and kept the room energized and excited. The winner picked up 80 ribbons all by himself with second place at 56 ribbons! Nothing is impossible from these kids!

Family Pictures with the Easter Bunny

And throughout the day, there were family pictures to be taken in front of our enchanted garden with the Easter Bunny. What’s more, each child was able to take home a goody bag valued at over $1000 HKD of vouchers from 12 wonderful local business sponsors including a $100 value stroller hook from Little Monkey!

Eco-friendly Party

This event was imagined and painstakingly created by our founder and the Glitter & Gore’s team to be a fun-filled day full of memories for parents and their children; while at the same time with the goal to be environmentally green to show parents and kids that a party can also be eco-friendly. The decoration consisted of either re-useable plastic décor but mostly big origami bunnies and giant tissue paper flowers that kids took home as décor or toys. Even the ribbons from the Easter Hunt were crafted into pompoms at the end of the party for kids to take home and play with.

The laughter and the joy glowing from each child’s face, or for some younger ones – exhaustion, were all evidence of a good time. We hope to create more events such as these for our members so be sure to sign up and watch out for our next event!

嬰孩的嬉笑聲是否讓你樂此不疲呢?對了,於剛過去的四月六日,我們便在新落成的Baumhaus新翼(於灣仔Baumhaus旗艦中心旁)舉辨了Little Monkey小猴子復活獵奇派對,當中更有一場長達兩小時的音樂會。


場內有超過40位悉心裝扮的小朋友,有些甚至穿上了兔子服裝,他們無不熱切期待與我們的復活節兔子會面,歡笑聲不絕於耳。我們的復活節兔子與Farmer Jane以一場歌舞為迷你音樂會揭開序幕。這場迷你音樂會由Baumhaus的創意藝術老師所主持,並分別在兩間房間舉行,兩節的參加對象分為2歲以下的幼童及3-6歲的小孩。這兩組的小朋友和家長與平日在Baumhaus上Kindermusik的課堂一樣都樂在其中。


迷你音樂會完結後,隨即進行了復活節尋找絲帶活動,小朋友在大型摺紙兔子擺設和春花裝飾之間盡情尖叫及奔跑,力求搜集最多的絲帶。Farmer Jane以彩虹絲帶雨為小朋友製造驚喜,令會場更添生氣與活力。勝出的小朋友全憑一己之力收集了80+條絲帶之多,而第二名的小朋友則收集了56條。小朋友的潛力確是無窮無盡的!




此活動由我們的創辦人與Glitter & Gore團隊精心籌劃,務求為家長及小朋友們帶來一場充滿回憶的歡樂派對;與此同時,我們亦以環保為目標,致力向家長與小朋友們展示「派對也可以舉辦得環保」的理念。場內的佈置採用可重用之塑膠裝飾,而當中大多大型兔子摺紙及巨型紙巾花亦被小朋友帶回家作裝飾或玩具之用。就連尋找絲帶活動中所使用的絲帶也被製作成絨球,於活動結束後派發給小朋友玩樂。

歡笑展現於每個小孩的臉上,同行家人或感到精疲力盡,但這全都是度過了美好時光的最佳證明。Little Monkey小猴子期望為我們的會員舉行更多同類活動,請即登記成為會員,密切留意我們的下一項活動!



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