INSPIRING PARENTS OF HONG KONG – Having Kids in HK: Pros, Cons, and Tips
鼓舞人心的香港家長 – 在港養育小孩的利弊與小貼士

Ema Apriyani and Winkausyar Wanranto

Ema and Win met in Netherlands while both were pursuing their master’s degrees at university. After getting married and having a 2 years long distance marriage, Ema decided to pack her bags to join Winn in Hong Kong to start a family. The couple was faced with devastation after learning about their slim to none chances of getting pregnant. Experience their journey as Ema and Win discovers their miracle baby and raising a child as expats in Hong Kong.

Ema和 Win在歐洲相遇,當時兩人同在大學攻讀碩士課程。婚後他們一直分隔異地,兩年後Ema終決定搬到香港與Winn組織家庭。這對夫婦在得知自己懷孕機會渺茫後一度感到絕望。一起來體驗Ema和 Win奇蹟地誕下寶貝的旅程與及作為外籍人士在香港養育小孩的情況。

Thank you to Baby Basic for giving us the venue for our parent interview. Check out their free small play area, nursing and changing corner (View Pictures) to help parents out when they are in the heart of Central, Hong Kong.

鳴謝鳴謝Baby Basic 提供場地予我們為家長進行訪談。場內有免費小型遊樂場,護理及育嬰室 (View Pictures) 可供家長們外出中環時使用。

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