Backyard Gang

Little Monkey Nature Adventure 小猴子的大自然歷險旅程

With the cooler weather and as part of our push for a happier and healthier childhood, join us on our next fun filled event where we head off on a nature adventure!

We have invited The Backyard Gang (BYG) to take parents and their little ones on an adventure to explore our Backyard here in Hong Kong and get back to nature, picking up sticks and leaves while looking for bugs and insects along the way.  We’ll hang a rope up high so we can climb and swing from the trees like Little Monkeys.  We will also work together to build and light our very own fire before roasting marshmallows to make delicious s’mores.

About The Backyard Gang:

The Backyard Gang is a place where little people can get out and be free.  A year-round programme of exciting adventures, building friendships and creating memories.  Whether it is hiking in the trails, building a fire to cook s’mores or making a rope swing at the beach, it’s a place where kids can truly be kids.  All our activities have an element of risk, but with this comes great reward – kids are able to become more independent and learn for themselves as well as having A LOT of fun!

Activities May Include:

  • Picking up sticks and leaves
  • Climbing trees
  • Looking for bugs and insects
  • Rope climbing and swinging
  • Fire Safety and S’mores


Date:  Sunday January 12th, 2020

Time: 10 am – 12 noon

Location: Wong Nai Chung Gap, Hong Kong – exact meet up location will be emailed to all attendees

Age Recommendation: 2 – 6 years old

Ticket: $275 for one child and one adult; additional adult ticket $50

To purchase a ticket, please email [email protected] with your:

  1. 1. membership email address
  2. 2. number of tickets
  3. 3. type of tickets

We will send you payment information after receiving the email. Space is limited, first come first serve.


我們邀請了The Backyard Gang (BYG)帶領家長和小朋友們踏上是次歷險之旅,探索香港的後花園,回歸大自然:在撿拾樹枝和樹葉的同時,沿途尋找不同小昆蟲的蹤影。我們更會架高一條繩索,好讓我們可以像小猴子般在樹上爬行和盪來盪去。此外,我們還會合力堆砌和點燃屬於我們的營火,從而烤造美味可口的巧克力棉花糖夾心餅。

關於The Backyard Gang:

The Backyard Gang是一個可讓小朋友外出自由活動的地方。全年的豐富活動包括令人振奮的歷險,還少不免建立友誼及創造難忘回憶。不論是到山徑遠足,燃點營火烤造巧克力棉花糖夾心餅,或是在沙灘吊繩上盪來盪去,這全都是一個可讓孩子展露真性情的地方。我們的所有活動都或有點風險,但卻能獲益良多——令小孩變得更加獨立,更主動學習,而且會得到無盡的歡樂!


  • 撿拾樹枝和樹葉
  • 爬樹
  • 尋找小昆蟲
  • 爬繩索及擺盪
  • 消防安全及製作巧克力棉花糖夾心餅






如欲購買入場券,請電郵至[email protected]及附上您的

  1. 1. 會員電郵地址
  2. 2. 所需入場門票數量
  3. 3. 所需入場門票類型


Exclusively open to our current members first until December 23rd, 2019

++ Parents are encouraged to pack a light picnic to enjoy after the hike
++This event is for Little Monkey members only and membership is free to register on our website but this event requires a purchased ticket to attend.
++No walk-ins accepted.
++Child Ticket includes one accompanied adult
++Additional adult must purchase additional adult ticket




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