Sleep Training - The Good, the Bad, and Is It for Your Family?

Sleep Training – The Good, the Bad, and Is It for Your Family?

Little Monkey is here to provide information to help make parenting easier. This is so parents can make informed decision – whether that decision is on where to take their kids to play on the weekend by using our child-friendly directory to our new project – “Parenting Talk Series” – 30 minutes recorded interview with subject experts on all things parenting uploaded to our blog for the convenience of parents to watch whenever they like.

Our second episode of “Parenting Talk Series” is on the topic of Sleep Training – The Good, the Bad, and Is It for Your Family? We interviewed Mandy To of GoodNight GoodDay Child Sleep Consultancy to understand how sleep training works, some tips and advice on sleep training your child yourself and what are some issues sleep training help resolve – all so you can decide if sleep training is right for your family. Below video is a recap of what we spoke about.

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  • Sleep training should be sleep coaching as the parents are “coached” with know how to train their child to sleep better. As there are many different milestones and changes in a baby’s first two years of life, parents need to be equipped on knowing how to manage the change in their child’s sleeping habits
  • We believe sleep training should never involve crying it out “CIO” method and you shouldn’t either and we discussed why
  • Each family and each child are different so sleep training should be tailor to each family and their situation and environment. Hear about the different factors a sleep trainer should take into consideration
  • During sleep training – kid’s needs should be met, whether that is comfort, feeding, or the security of knowing their parents are there
  • There are usually two types of parents seeking sleep training – new parents who wish to learn before the arrival of their baby/just had their baby and the exhausted parents where their current schedule is not sustainable long term
  • Hear about a 20 month old who was able to be sleep train by her parent after 2 weeks
  • Different aged baby and child have different needs when it comes to nursing as there is a need base and a comfort base
  • We talked about sleep regression and how sleep training can deal with that
  • Co-sleeping happens a lot in Hong Kong and how this presents a challenge for sleep training
  • Advice/Tips parents trying to sleep train their kids by themselves without a sleep trainer
    • We discussed the right environment
    • Setting a sleep routine
    • Why going to bed early helps
  • How sleep training can help with weaning of pacifier – question asked by a fellow mom
  • Remember to seek help/assistance if parents are feeling overwhelmed. Contacts GoodNight GoodDay Child Sleep Consultancy is below.
  • We might invite Mandy back for a Facebook Live event to discuss in depth on co-sleeping and other concerns that parents can ask on the spot if there’s enough interest so tell us if you have more questions!

    GoodNight GoodDay Child Sleep Consultancy Contact Details

    GoodNight GoodDay Child Sleep Consultancy Contact Details

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